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US Data Center

Our US Data Center public internet network is built to ensure maximum reach and high performance. Our goal is to establish a jitter-free, low latency, and varied route network to enhance your overall satisfaction. Our US Data Center engineered to provide great connectivity to North America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

  • Currently over 50,000 Megabits capacity
  • N+1 Redundant BGP Core Routers
  • 10GE Internal Network Links
  • End to End Fiber Internal Network
  • Per Server Private VLAN topology
  • Cisco and Foundry Routing
  • Network Uptime SLA - 99.999%

Our US Data Center network backbone is directly connected to or one-hop from the following providers:

  • Level(3) (www.level3.com)
  • Global Crossing (www.globalcrossing.com)
  • Sprint (www.sprint.net)
  • Savvis (www.savvis.net)
  • nLAYER (www.nlayer.com)
  • XEEX (www.xeex.com)
  • Any2Exchange Peers (www.crgwest.com)
  • Equinix Peering Fabric (www.equinix.com)

Our US Data Center internet network is your gateway to your public traffic around the world. We provide you with reliable, scalable and fast access.

Our US Data Center occupies 4 datacenter zones on 4 floors in Los Angeles datacenter building at "Telecom center LA". Each of the 4 zones operates independently with full environmental management and infrastructure redundancy.

Our US Datacenter Benefits:

  • Staffed On-Site 24 Hours a Day
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Units (Battery)
  • Multiple Caterpillar 2000KvA Gensets
  • Automatic Power Source Switching
  • Incoming Voltage Conditioning
  • Organised Ladder Rack Wiring
  • Securely Locking Cabinets
  • Meticulously Cleaned
  • Power Uptime SLA - 100%

Indonesia Data Center

To successfully achieve the mission, Our Indonesia Data Center has developed a different business and services scheme from other Data Centers in a way that:

Bandwidth Provision - They have establish cooperation with Bandwidth Providers, e.g. if an ISP co-locates its equipment in our Indonesia Data Center and in need of bandwidth, the bandwidth provider or carrier having a drop point in our Indonesia Data Center may be provide it; thus eliminates ineffectively and inefficiency; thanks to the Ethernet link utilisation (saving local loop charges and last mile bandwidth limitation).

Local Telecommunication Provision - For local infrastructure area, our Indonesia Data Center’s facility compiles to krone and AT&T certification. In fulfilling the requirements for Telecommunications Infrastructure, the clients may request to the local Telco operators and our Indonesia Data Center will assist to speed up the installation process of telecommunications cable capacity prepared within our Indonesia Data Center.

Radio Link and Satellite Dish Installation Provision - Ensure the simplicity as ease the clients in installing the outdoor equipment, thereby allows an effective an efficient fulfilment of interconnection needs.

All of the facilities prepared are ready and can be utilised whenever needed.